A copy of letter no. 47/26/83-5 Edu/2036, Government of Punjab Department of Sports and Youth Services, to All Heads of Departments, Registrar, Punjab and Haryana High Court, Commissioners of Divisions. Duputy Commissioners and Sub Divisional Officers (Civil) in the State of Punjab.
Dated, Chandigarh, the 10th December 1997.

I am directed to refer to Punjab Govt. instruction contained in circular letter no. 47/26/83-5 Edu-(5) 199, Dated 4th August, 1992 and no. 47/2S6/83-7-ib/2238, Dated 14-5-93 on the subject cited above and to say that after careful consideration government have revised as follows, the criteria for the grant of sports Gradation Certificates for entitlement to the concessions based there on:-
2. The certificates shall be in the following descending orders of merit :-

Sportsmen/women of International standing i.e. those who have represented India in the following international tournaments/ meets/ Competitions/ Championships conducted by recognized International Federation/ Committees:-


Sportsmen/Women who have participated and achieved positions in the following Tournaments/ meets/ Competitions/ Championships Gradation will be done for 1st, 2nd and 3rd position. Participation will be graded from (I) to (V) categories Mentioned below:-

i)  International Tournament for Senior and Junior organized by International Federation of that discipline and where at least 10 countries have participated other than those mentioned against Grade-a.
ii)  All India combined Universities teams which participated in the senior National/World University Championship/International competitions.
iii)  National Games organized by Indian Olympic Associations.
iv)  Senior and Junior National Championships organized by recognized National Federation of that games under the banner of Indian Olympic Association where at least 15 Stales have participated.
v)  National Championship for women organized by Sports Authority of India.
vi)  Position Holder of All India Inter University Tournaments where at least 15 Universities have participated. Participation, in these competitions will not be graded.
vii)  Position Holders of Punjab School teams Kendriya Vidalya Schools and Novodhya Sangathan Schools teams participated in school national Championship. Participation in these competitions will not be graded.
viii) Position Holders of All India Rural meet under sixteen by SAI, Participation will not be graded.

Sportsmen/ women who have achieved 1st, 2nd and 3rd position in the following tournaments/ Championship / meets will only be graded:-
1)  Position holder of Punjab State Championships for Senior and Junior organized by Punjab Sports Department/ Punjab Olympic Associations.
2)  Position holder of Inter District State Championships organized for Senior and Juniors under banner of Punjab Olympic Association/ Punjab Sports Departments/ State Sports Associations.
3)  Position holders of state School Games organized by Education/Sports Department.

Sportsmen/Women who have achieved 1st,2nd and 3rd position in the following tournaments/ Championships/meets will only be graded :-
i)  Position holder of Inter College Tournaments.
ii)  Position holder of District Tournaments.
iii)  Position Holders of Inter School Tournaments.

3. PERFORMANCE OF FOLLOWING Sports disciplines only will be considered for the purpose of Sports Gradation :-
1. Athletics                              2. Badminton
3. Basketball                           4. Cricket
5. Cycling                                6. Gymnastics(Artistic Only)
7. Football                               8. Hockey
9. Handball                             10. Judo
11. Kabaddi (national Style)      12. Kho Kho
13 Lawn Tennis                        14. Boxing
15. Wrestling                           16. Swimming
17. Table Tennis                       18. Volleyball
19. Weight-Lifting                      20. Shooting
21. Archery                              22. Equestrian
23. Fencing
4, For certification, Sports Department Punjab only considered the cases who fulfill the following requestics :-
1.  For Gradation Sports Department Punjab will only entertain the claim of domicile of the state who actually participated in the competitions as nominee of Punjab Team. This will leave out the Sports residents of other States. Punjab domiciles or even of Punjab and Chandigarh who do not represent Punjab any competition as Punjab nominee.

2.  Claim of the resident of Union Territory of Chandigarh will only be entertained for counter signature or certificate issued by the Department of Sports, Union Territory of chandigarh for national school Games only provided parents belong to the Punjab state service and are posted at Chandigarh during the period of which gradation is being claimed for their wards. For junior and Senior National Championships, they must play as nominee of the state of Punjab as is the casa in PARA-1 above.

3.  The certificates issued by the Sports Association must be submitted for gradation to the concerned District Sports Officer within 9 months from the date of issue of certificate. In the absence of this, any delay occurred will be the responsibility of the applicant. The applicant should be submitted as per the direction/ requirements spelled out by the department of sports. Copy of the same can be had from the District Sports officer’s office.

4.  The application for gradation received from the District Sports Officer’s Office will be processed at the Head quarter for final checking of the performance participation record, if necessary interviews and field tests will be conducted to see the genuineness of the performance and participation level of the applicant. The directorate of Sports will not be responsible for any delay which occurs due to late submission of application or unfurnishing incomplete requisite information/reply to queries by the Department for the individual concerned or the Sports Associations. The total processing time at District and the Head quarter Chandigarh shall be 60 days in cases where all required formalities are completed.

5.  In the matter of rating interse, the preference in the same grade will be given in the following descending order :-
(i) winner                             (ii) Runner up
(iiI) Third position holder        (iii) Number of Participations.

6. Regarding Senior and Junior Tournaments Championship Senior shall have precedence over Junior in the same performance i.e. for example Gold Medalist in Senior category shall have precedence over Gold Medalist in Junior Category and Gold medalist. In Junior Category over Silver Medalist in Senior Category and so on which implies that participation in grade ‘b’ Category in the same orders of medalists, if after considering the performance criterions mentioned above, the candidate having marks obtained in the examination which is considered for admission will decide the seniority from highest to lowest marks obtained by the candidate.

7.  Participation in the lower grade as playing member in team event and position holder in individual be a prerequisite for acceptability in the higher grade i.e. for participation in National, one has to be a member of the state in team games and position holder in individual games.

8.  Performance achieved in individual event of any discipline and in team games will be considered only if it has been achieved through a competition with 7 or more competition (individual event) and 15 or more units in team games.

9.  Certificates issued by the concerned sports body are properly signed in ink by the nominee of President and Secretary himself of state unit along with signature of a Gazetted officer not below than rank of Deputy Director Sports, Punjab for State Championship in whose division the state Championships is conducted and certificates of District Championship must carry signature of President and Secretary of District Sports Officer of that District.

10.  Only those certificates will be considered for gradations which are declared in the affidavit submitted to the department with the application for gradation.

11.  Director Sports, Punjab, who will issue the certificate will also have the authority to cancel any certificate at any time, if it is found to have been issued on false information or record. Director Sports will also have the authority to correct any mistakes done by the officer giving opportunity to the effected Sportsmen/ Women.

12.  No certificate shall be graded after five years have lapsed in issuance of the certificates.

13.  No Sports Gradation Certificate shall be issued to players who participated in mini/sub junior and in the tournaments which are organized for the players under 15 years age.

14.  In case of difference of opinion/ contest between the sports directorate and any Sports Association then the matter will be forwarded to the Government and decision of the Secretary Sports Punjab will be final and binding on all concerned.

15.  The entire State of Punjab will have uniform gradation policy as specified in this order no Educational/ institution or otherwise will deviate or form a separate criteria or guidelines from the criteria/policy as laid down in this order. The final lists will be approved by the Directorate of Sports responsible for issuance of Sports Gradation Certificates.

16.  This order will come into force w.e.f. 1 .1.1998 where by all earlier order would stand superceded.

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